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Three Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Do for You

Owning your own business requires a lot of hard work. You have so many things on your plate. If you are spending more time on the little stuff and not enough time on your passion and making money, you could use a Virtual Assistant (VA). A VA can handle a number of daily tasks many of which are not fun for you to do anyway.

1. A VA can manage your email. If your inbox is overwhelming you, a VA can sort it, answer what they can, and forward anything requiring a personal response to you. This is especially helpful if you have more than one email account. Many business owners have different accounts for different aspects of the business. A VA can take over all of them for you.

2. Social networking and blogs are the latest technology for marketing you business. It can be a time-consuming endeavor. A VA can manage your social networking sites, post your updates and information, and reply to messages sent to you.

Your blog posts can be uploaded on a regular schedule by a VA. You can write your content for multiple posts and have your VA post each one on the date you specify. If you don’t like to write you can also hire a VA to write the blog posts for you.

3. Customer service is a large portion of every business that sells products or services. A VA can provide customer service via email and/or phone. Handling questions, payment problems and providing general sales information can all be done by a VA.

Passing these tasks off to a Virtual Assistant will allow you more time for the activities you prefer. You can take time off, spend time with your family, follow your passion, and do things to make more money. After all, you started your own business to do what you love, make more money, and have more time for you. A VA can get you back to doing all those things quickly and easily.


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Hello world!

Welcome to my VA blog. Here you will learn more about me both personally and professionally. I’ll provide information on what I do as a VA and how VAs can help you in your business in general.

I have been a VA for about 10 years now. A couple of years ago, I “retired” to be with my family. About a year later, we went through financially trying times. My retirement ended. I went through transcription training and worked in that field for a while. Shortly thereafter, I relaunched my VA career. It’s been an exciting adventure since. I’ve met so many fantastic entrepreneurs in a short time.

I’ve updated my skills to serve a more modern business world. My primary skills are dictation services, blog/email/social networking management, and proofreading services. Secondary skills I have are phone support, customer service, data entry, accounts payable and receivable, and daily administrative tasks.

I am computer and internet savvy and also a quick learner. If you need something other than what I offer, I’d love to learn and grow with you and your business. Learning new things is something I thoroughly enjoy. We can work it out together.

I look forward to helping you get back to doing what you love and make more money, too. I can be reached via email at You can also find me on Twitter at and on Facebook at

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