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Ooo, This is Exciting! Check this out!

As you know I am in a huge growth phase of my life and business.
I’m doing lots of exciting new things.  One such opportunity that
is particularly thrilling is a f/r/e-e conference call I’ll be
hosting with Abundance Expert, Katherine C. H. E.
She is all about helping you tune into Abundance so that you can
have more money – simple as that!
If anyone can tune you up to Abundance, it is Katherine.  She has
developed powerful energy tools to help you connect with your own
financial abundance both inside yourself and with the Infinite
Abundance all around you. 
I’ll be interviewing Katherine on the call, and one thing I know
about her is the she shares amazing content on her these calls; so,
you won’t want to miss it.  (Plus, you’ll get to “see” me try
something new.  It’ll be fun.)
So, please click here (
to sign up for the call and to learn a little more about what
Katherine and I will be talking about.


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Tips for Hiring Your First Virtual Assistant(s)

1. Take one to two weeks to “follow yourself” through your day.

2. Write down everything you do during your business day.

3. Note how long each task takes.

4. Review your list and determine which tasks are too time consuming, difficult to do effectively, and/or are not fun to do.

5. Decide which tasks you can delegate to the Virtual Assistant(s) you intend to hire.

6. Check Google, Twitter, Facebook and ask fellow entrepreneurs for referrals for Virtual Assistants they know.

7. Contact the potential Virtual Assistants you find who may be compatible and qualified with the skills you require.

8. Conduct interviews.

9. Choose the Virtual Assistant(s) that best suits your needs, personality and business model.

Once you complete this process, enjoy your new-found time to grow your business, make more money and relax. Enjoy your business the way you intended to in the first place.

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I Love What I Do

I truly love what I do. Today’s events reminded me just how much. My daughter is 10. She is a gymnast. Almost three years ago, she injured her ankle. Since then it has flared up on occasion. After her first meet in September, she experienced one of those flares. We did the usual treatments, visited the pediatrician, and even took a full week off from the sport.

Upon her return, she felt better. By the end of the second week, it hurt in a new place and worse. She wasn’t even working out fully yet. Today, we went to the orthopedic doctor as recommended by our pediatrician. She has a new injury due to compensating for the injured ankle. The doctor found a stress fracture in her fibula a few inches above the ankle. She is now on crutches. That means no more riding the bus to school and only attending gymnastics for strength exercises to keep her strong to continue her sport in full in 4-6 weeks.

What does this have to do with my love for what I do? Everything. As a professional Virtual Assistant, I set my own hours and make my own schedule. I will be driving her to and from school and gymnastics as well as a few more appointments. If I were working a regular JOB, I’d have to miss work and possibly pay, too. As a Virtual Assistant working from home, I can work any time day or night to cover anything I miss during the day to take care of my daughter.

Working from home allows me the flexibility I need to care for my family when they need me. I don’t have to make arrangements with a boss to leave early, come in late, or even miss full days to do that. I can be there for my kids and my husband as needed. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Who Can Use a Virtual Assistant?

Anyone in business can use a Virtual Assistant. They not only assist you with daily business tasks, but they also perform personal tasks as well. A business owner can utilize a Virtual Assistant for many daily tasks to help the business run smoother and make more money. Many VAs also perform personal tasks as well. Whether you have an internet-based business or a brick-and-mortar business, a VA can help you lighten your load in almost any area you can imagine.

A Virtual Assistant can pay the bills, manage your email, perform marketing tasks to include social media management, receive phone calls, and provide customer service to your clients. A VA can also pick up your dry cleaning, send flowers & gifts, pick up a few items at the grocery store, and make dinner reservations.

Business coaches, consultants, writers, information marketers and CEOs are just a few of the most likely people in need of a Virtual Assistant. Hiring a VA can make life easier for you in so many ways. Start your search today. The sooner you hire a Virtual Assistant, the sooner you can do what you love most and make more money, too.

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Introducing Michelle aka @mmangen Virtual Assistant and Guest Blogger

If you follow me on Twitter you know me as @mmangen and every day I tweet several #ExcelQueen tips and ideas targeted towards small business owners on various tasks they can assign to a Virtual Assistant.

I’m a single mom who decided to enter the business world as a Virtual Assistant as I found it heart wrenching to watch him growing up while I spent hours pursuing other business owners’ dreams. After a lot of research and studying I decided to offer services that I had the most experience with from my career “life”. Those were Bookkeeping, Excel and Property Management.

I quickly realized I wasn’t really all that interested in the Property Management “world” any more so I dropped those services but replaced them with new skills I had learned that are in higher demand with the Social Media revolution.

At this time I assist small business owners across an array of industries with the following services:

  • QuickBooks (desktop and online versions)
  • Excel spreadsheet creation/manipulation/reporting
  • WordPress site management (blog posts, plug-ins, new pages, etc.)
  • Aweber newsletters and e-courses
  • Proofing
  • Social Media (social bookmarking, Facebook fan pages, Twitter, etc.)

Misc. facts about me:

  • Love to read
  • I own a vacation rental on Lake Winnebago, the largest natural, inland lake in the US
  • The oldest of seven kids
  • I truly believe in paying it forward and helping other people achieve their dreams

If you are on Twitter I’d love to connect with you. You can also visit my website by clicking here.

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Delegating to a Virtual Assistant Is Key to Success

Business is booming all over despite the economy. Entrepreneurs are running fast and hard to build their businesses every day. The hard part is keeping up with the daily tasks. There are so many things to keep track of. There is social networking, email, phone calls, bills to pay, customers to attend to and more.

How does the successful entrepreneur manage it all? They delegate the daily tasks to a Virtual Assistant. By doing so, they are free to build their business and serve their clients to put more money in their pocket and help others do the same. They aren’t spending all their time on the day-to-day grind. After all, they started their business to be free of the daily grind.

If you’re too busy running your business instead of growing your business, you should consider delegating tasks to a VA. Take a week to document what tasks you do regularly that are not fun or too difficult to manage. Make a list of the tasks you would like to get off your plate. Search for virtual assistants on Facebook, Twitter and the worldwide web who offer the services you need. Interview and then hire one (or more) that fits your needs.

When that is done, enjoy the freedom you now have to do what you love most. Follow your passion, grow your business, or take a vacation. Do the things you enjoy that you haven’t had time for. Have fun and be free to live!

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