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Proof That Delegation Works! (Guest Blogger @JessicaMaes)

I have recently added to my business team. I have worked with a team of professionals from the time that I only operated a VA practice. Now that I help business owners find their assistant or create their team, I need my own team more than ever!

With the new changes, I now delegate things that I WAS doing (that were sucking up my time and energy) and things that I WAS NOT doing (and should have been). After just a very short time, change in my businesses is already noticeable.

I will share the biggest/best thing/things that floored me the most and made me the most excited about sharing with you…

Web site traffic to my business websites has increased nearly 70% since my team started handling some of my marketing for me. 70% Is HUGE! As an aside, are you tracking traffic to your website(s)? If not, consider adding Google Analytics to each page of your site – very handy!

What did I take away from this experience/observation that I feel warrants sharing with everyone here today? A reinforcement that delegation gets your business moving forward faster. Your business runs smoother and more efficiently. More gets done because you aren’t doing it.

Get out of your own way and start delegating to a VA – it works!


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Let’s Make Your Teleseminars Fun and Interactive

I recently co-hosted a teleseminar with Katherine C.H.E. regarding her latest program. It was an interesting and fun experience. Afterward, I thought it would be something I could do for entrepreneurs on a regular basis. Instead of hosting your teleseminar alone simply reading your material from notes, why not add a co-host who can introduce you and ask key relevant questions to aid you in presenting your material?

As a Virtual Assistant, I can introduce you and ask pertinent questions to provide an interesting interactive call for your listeners. All you need to do is provide an outline of your content and information from your bio. I will create the intro and the questions to be asked on the call.

Another benefit of this service is that I can also assist you in promoting your teleseminar on my Twitter and Facebook accounts. Together we can design tweets and updates that I can post with the link to your landing page. This brings in more participants and grows your list as well.

Finally, as a dictation specialist, I can transcribe the call. The transcript can be offered to your clients who learn better by reading rather than listening. That transcript can also be repurposed into blog posts, newsletter material, and even information product content. The possibilities are endless.

If you are interested in using this new service I provide, please feel free to email me at, send a tweet to @SophieZo, or send me a message on Facebook: I look forward to helping you get your work out there in a fun and interactive way.

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Guest Blogger Jessica Maes on Delegation and Virtual Assistance

Having operated a Virtual Assistance practice for 4+ years, I’ve helped countless business owners figure out what can be delegated in their business. I still work with several clients as their VA, and love every minute of it because I have built a practice full of ideal clients. A discussion about ideal clients could be its own blog post, for sure! J

As a mom-business owner, I had a shift a few months ago when my child started school full time. With an opportunity to grow my business, I decided to take on an entirely new concept: that of a Delegation Expert. Rather than interview business owners as potential clients for my VA practice, I work with business owners to determine the best overall path for delegating in their business. We determine what work can be delegated, what type of Assistant (skill set AND personality) they would find ideal, we craft a detailed written request that describes EXACTLY what they would like to gain from the process of working with an Assistant, they post their request to Registries that may yield the response they are looking for, we get them through the interview process and in the end help them find the best fit for their business. A VA friend of mine refers to me as “The VA Matchmaker”, and I guess that just may be the case!

The thing that has always been paramount to me as a VA and now as a Delegation Expert is this: business owners that want to grow and thrive in business (and in life) need to delegate. The Virtual Assistance business model is an ideal fit for a business owner that’s ready to delegate because they are “cutting to the chase” and adding a team member that is already highly skilled in the areas that the business needs. VAs can make a big impact on a business fast, and VAs are “in it to win it” – for their clients. There is a new level of confidence that comes over a business owner that is working with an Assistant that they know, like and trust. I’ve seen it countless times, and will continue to see it because delegation WORKS!


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Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

1. No overhead:  Your Virtual Assistant buys their own computer, desk, chair, printer, fax, office supplies, insurance, pays their own taxes, and has their own office space in their home or office building they rent.

2. More free time:  For every task you delegate, you give yourself more free time to devote to your business, family, and life.

3. Less stress:  Your Virtual Assistant can do the tasks you don’t enjoy or don’t do well alleviating the stress you feel when doing them yourself.

4. More income for you business:  Your Virtual Assistant frees you up to do the things that make money whether that is attracting/coaching new clients, holding live events or teleseminars, or creating new products or services. They are an independent contractor not an employee. You only pay for the hours worked rather than a yearly salary that includes paid vacations and other paid time off.

5. Brainstorming partner: Your Virtual Assistant can be your brainstorming partner when creating new products, services, live events or teleseminars to bring more income to your business.

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Announcing My New Business

My business has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few months. I have new clients and formed a partnership with a group of fellow Virtual Assistants. It’s been very exciting.

Having said that, I am excited to announce my new business. I will now be known as SophieZo, LLC Virtually There For You. I look forward to continued growth and success in the months ahead and into 2010.

Thank you to everyone who helped me get here. Your support means the world to me!

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