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Guest Blogger Jessica Maes on Delegation and Virtual Assistance

Having operated a Virtual Assistance practice for 4+ years, I’ve helped countless business owners figure out what can be delegated in their business. I still work with several clients as their VA, and love every minute of it because I have built a practice full of ideal clients. A discussion about ideal clients could be its own blog post, for sure! J

As a mom-business owner, I had a shift a few months ago when my child started school full time. With an opportunity to grow my business, I decided to take on an entirely new concept: that of a Delegation Expert. Rather than interview business owners as potential clients for my VA practice, I work with business owners to determine the best overall path for delegating in their business. We determine what work can be delegated, what type of Assistant (skill set AND personality) they would find ideal, we craft a detailed written request that describes EXACTLY what they would like to gain from the process of working with an Assistant, they post their request to Registries that may yield the response they are looking for, we get them through the interview process and in the end help them find the best fit for their business. A VA friend of mine refers to me as “The VA Matchmaker”, and I guess that just may be the case!

The thing that has always been paramount to me as a VA and now as a Delegation Expert is this: business owners that want to grow and thrive in business (and in life) need to delegate. The Virtual Assistance business model is an ideal fit for a business owner that’s ready to delegate because they are “cutting to the chase” and adding a team member that is already highly skilled in the areas that the business needs. VAs can make a big impact on a business fast, and VAs are “in it to win it” – for their clients. There is a new level of confidence that comes over a business owner that is working with an Assistant that they know, like and trust. I’ve seen it countless times, and will continue to see it because delegation WORKS!



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