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Proof That Delegation Works! (Guest Blogger @JessicaMaes)

I have recently added to my business team. I have worked with a team of professionals from the time that I only operated a VA practice. Now that I help business owners find their assistant or create their team, I need my own team more than ever!

With the new changes, I now delegate things that I WAS doing (that were sucking up my time and energy) and things that I WAS NOT doing (and should have been). After just a very short time, change in my businesses is already noticeable.

I will share the biggest/best thing/things that floored me the most and made me the most excited about sharing with you…

Web site traffic to my business websites has increased nearly 70% since my team started handling some of my marketing for me. 70% Is HUGE! As an aside, are you tracking traffic to your website(s)? If not, consider adding Google Analytics to each page of your site – very handy!

What did I take away from this experience/observation that I feel warrants sharing with everyone here today? A reinforcement that delegation gets your business moving forward faster. Your business runs smoother and more efficiently. More gets done because you aren’t doing it.

Get out of your own way and start delegating to a VA – it works!


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