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Ooo, This is Exciting! Check this out!

As you know I am in a huge growth phase of my life and business.
I’m doing lots of exciting new things.  One such opportunity that
is particularly thrilling is a f/r/e-e conference call I’ll be
hosting with Abundance Expert, Katherine C. H. E.
She is all about helping you tune into Abundance so that you can
have more money – simple as that!
If anyone can tune you up to Abundance, it is Katherine.  She has
developed powerful energy tools to help you connect with your own
financial abundance both inside yourself and with the Infinite
Abundance all around you. 
I’ll be interviewing Katherine on the call, and one thing I know
about her is the she shares amazing content on her these calls; so,
you won’t want to miss it.  (Plus, you’ll get to “see” me try
something new.  It’ll be fun.)
So, please click here (
to sign up for the call and to learn a little more about what
Katherine and I will be talking about.


October 31, 2009 Posted by | Events | 2 Comments