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Guest Blogger Jodi Crosby (@SmartVAforU): Are you ignoring the potential of a Facebook Page?

Search Engines are indexing Facebook pages and this can help drive business to your website.    Of course, you can’t drive business if you haven’t created a page.

The first step is creating a personal profile page on Facebook.  Here is the link to creating a profile on Facebook:

From there you can create a Fan Page for your business.   Here is the link to create a Fan Page:

Once you have the page created, it is time to decide on the title for your page.  Think about what words people will search for in order to find your business.  Use these key words abundantly in your title!  This is probably the most important piece of advice in this article.

If you have the time and want to create the Fan Page yourself, here are a few resources to help guide you through the process and help you determine successful strategies:

Creating, maintaining and continuing to create valuable content for a fan page can be a lot of work.  Here are some statistics from a study by Sysomos:

  • On average, a Facebook Page has 4,596 fans.
  • Four percent of pages have more than 10,000 fans, 0.76% of pages have more than 100,000 fans, and 0.05% of pages (or 297 in total) have more than a million fans.
  • Pages with more than one million fans have nearly three times as much owner-generated content as the average Facebook page. (Where “owner-generated content” means things like photos, videos, and links posted by the page’s administrators.)
  • Pages with more than one million fans have nearly 60 times as much fan-generated content (photos, videos) as the average Facebook page.
  • On an average Facebook Page, the administrators create one wall post every 15.7 days. Among pages with more than one million fans, one wall post is created for every 16.1 days. This suggests that wall post frequency does not correlate with a page’s popularity.
  • Overall, the most popular “category” for Facebook pages is “non-profits”, while “celebrities”, “music”, and “products” are the most popular categories among pages with more than one million fans.

There is much more to this study and you can find it all here

If you are looking for assistance creating, maintaining and managing a Facebook Fan Page, a Social Media Virtual Assistant can assist you with creating a Facebook Fan Page that makes your fans say WOW and want to come back and interact with you and your team.   Let us Help you get back to doing what you Love!


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Proof That Delegation Works! (Guest Blogger @JessicaMaes)

I have recently added to my business team. I have worked with a team of professionals from the time that I only operated a VA practice. Now that I help business owners find their assistant or create their team, I need my own team more than ever!

With the new changes, I now delegate things that I WAS doing (that were sucking up my time and energy) and things that I WAS NOT doing (and should have been). After just a very short time, change in my businesses is already noticeable.

I will share the biggest/best thing/things that floored me the most and made me the most excited about sharing with you…

Web site traffic to my business websites has increased nearly 70% since my team started handling some of my marketing for me. 70% Is HUGE! As an aside, are you tracking traffic to your website(s)? If not, consider adding Google Analytics to each page of your site – very handy!

What did I take away from this experience/observation that I feel warrants sharing with everyone here today? A reinforcement that delegation gets your business moving forward faster. Your business runs smoother and more efficiently. More gets done because you aren’t doing it.

Get out of your own way and start delegating to a VA – it works!

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Guest Blogger Jessica Maes on Delegation and Virtual Assistance

Having operated a Virtual Assistance practice for 4+ years, I’ve helped countless business owners figure out what can be delegated in their business. I still work with several clients as their VA, and love every minute of it because I have built a practice full of ideal clients. A discussion about ideal clients could be its own blog post, for sure! J

As a mom-business owner, I had a shift a few months ago when my child started school full time. With an opportunity to grow my business, I decided to take on an entirely new concept: that of a Delegation Expert. Rather than interview business owners as potential clients for my VA practice, I work with business owners to determine the best overall path for delegating in their business. We determine what work can be delegated, what type of Assistant (skill set AND personality) they would find ideal, we craft a detailed written request that describes EXACTLY what they would like to gain from the process of working with an Assistant, they post their request to Registries that may yield the response they are looking for, we get them through the interview process and in the end help them find the best fit for their business. A VA friend of mine refers to me as “The VA Matchmaker”, and I guess that just may be the case!

The thing that has always been paramount to me as a VA and now as a Delegation Expert is this: business owners that want to grow and thrive in business (and in life) need to delegate. The Virtual Assistance business model is an ideal fit for a business owner that’s ready to delegate because they are “cutting to the chase” and adding a team member that is already highly skilled in the areas that the business needs. VAs can make a big impact on a business fast, and VAs are “in it to win it” – for their clients. There is a new level of confidence that comes over a business owner that is working with an Assistant that they know, like and trust. I’ve seen it countless times, and will continue to see it because delegation WORKS!


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Introducing Michelle aka @mmangen Virtual Assistant and Guest Blogger

If you follow me on Twitter you know me as @mmangen and every day I tweet several #ExcelQueen tips and ideas targeted towards small business owners on various tasks they can assign to a Virtual Assistant.

I’m a single mom who decided to enter the business world as a Virtual Assistant as I found it heart wrenching to watch him growing up while I spent hours pursuing other business owners’ dreams. After a lot of research and studying I decided to offer services that I had the most experience with from my career “life”. Those were Bookkeeping, Excel and Property Management.

I quickly realized I wasn’t really all that interested in the Property Management “world” any more so I dropped those services but replaced them with new skills I had learned that are in higher demand with the Social Media revolution.

At this time I assist small business owners across an array of industries with the following services:

  • QuickBooks (desktop and online versions)
  • Excel spreadsheet creation/manipulation/reporting
  • WordPress site management (blog posts, plug-ins, new pages, etc.)
  • Aweber newsletters and e-courses
  • Proofing
  • Social Media (social bookmarking, Facebook fan pages, Twitter, etc.)

Misc. facts about me:

  • Love to read
  • I own a vacation rental on Lake Winnebago, the largest natural, inland lake in the US
  • The oldest of seven kids
  • I truly believe in paying it forward and helping other people achieve their dreams

If you are on Twitter I’d love to connect with you. You can also visit my website by clicking here.

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